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Kalaikoil Dublin

6715-J Dublin Blvd Dublin CA 94568 US

Kalaikoil Livermore

(near HCCC Temple)





Kalaikoil is proudly associated with Alagappa Performing Arts where students obtain a certificate for advanced training, Competition and arangetram coaching provided for  passionate students,  

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REGISTRATION OPENS at Kalaikoil's Vijayadasami puja conducted by Pandit Ravichandran.


Our Training 

Inculcates respect, appreciation, attention-to-detail with slow and meticulous training. Rigorous classes & workshops emphasize artistry.



Priority given to temple natya seva vocal/dance offering and community service. We provide original themed arangetrams, cultural programs, competition teams. educational & artistic assembly programs. Opportunities arranged when students are ready.   

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Classes cancelled all July 2018.  

New Students  

Email swethadixit@comcast.net to schedule trial class/audition. Enrollment is contingent upon attending Vijayadasami puja!

Current Students

Check your Private Kalaikoil group.

Book your cultural educational event with Stan Heimowitz at Celebrity gems..



Dedicated instructors provide individual and focused training

  • Pandit  Ravichandran
  • Vasudha Prasad
  • Swetha Dixit



Slow & Meticulous Training

  • Hindu Vedic Chanting
  • Carnatic Vocal
  • Bharatanatyam

Dance & Arts of India


Group and Private Classes conducted in Livermore and Dublin for children ages 3-18.