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Pandit Ravichandran attending to Swami Chinmayananda.

Surya Grahanam 

(solar eclipse)

Monday august 21
  Start:   9:01 am
  Max:  10:16 am
  End:   11:38 am

Affected Nakshatra

1. aalesha aayilam 2. Jeyeshtta kettai 3. Revati 4. Pushyami poosam 5. Magha

Grahana Tharpanam must be done at 11am for those eligible to perform. 
Amavasys Tharpanam is not necessary to be performed as the Grahanam Punyakalam is greater than the Amavasya and should not be performed Tharpanam twice on the same day as per Dharma Shastram.  
For Shanti slokam, please