Uttharayana Punyakalam

Dear Aasthikas,

There are different opinion, information and suggestions on upcoming Uttharayana Punyakalam, Makara Sankramana Punyakalam and Pongal Pandikai for this year.

Since Makara Sankramanam will be on Friday,14th January at 5:50 pm based on decision by Dharma Sasthra Scholars.  It is requested that all Aasthikas perform Tharpanam and Pongal Pandikai ceremonies on Saturday, 15 January morning before Rahukalam (9-10:30am). Kanuppidi will be on Sunday 16 January morning.

I suggest you follow this directive. If you need any clarification please email Panditravi@comcast.net


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Pandit Ravichandran attending to Swami Chinmayananda.


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