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Pandit Ravichandran

Veda Pandit

Research Scholar

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Welcome to our Kalaikoil


Kalaikoil was established in 1995 by Swetha Dixit to train artists and connoisseurs in our traditional arts of India.  We provide classes in Hindu Vedic Chanting, Carnatic Vocals, and Bharatanatyam. Training is slow and meticulous and includes theory, technique and performance. Classes are organized by age with individual attention for the passionate student. Students humbly learn the benefits of attention-to-detail, repetition, self-discipline, compassion, commitment and focus.  


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View of the back of our Dublin studio. We are conveniently located with ample parking and more importantly with sprung floors, projector, full length mirrors. Students must wear uniforms to facilitate posture corrections. .

Vasudha Prasad

Carnatic Vocals

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First place honors at competitions like Indian Raga, India Waves, Sri Papanasam, Ohlone Theatre Festival. third place solo at FOMAA, OSAAT judge's appreciation and more.

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Swetha Dixit

Kalaikoil Director  Bharatanatyam Teacher

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Eight students completed Alagappa certification, stage arangetram &/or pursued this art tradition after training.

Meet Our Instructors



Community Service

Offered regularly in dance in US & India at venues like Sutter Hospital.


Kalaikoil is home to one of the largest collections of Indian music & dance books.

Kalaikoil is excited to work with theatre groups on innovative projects. As such we were honored with the Lucas Performing Arts award.  Our traditional repetoire includes:

Slokams on all Devas

Pushpanjali like Amritha Varshini, Gambira Nattai(after VSMP),

Alarippu in Tisram, Misram, & Rupakam (after VSMP),

Jathiswaram like Bilahari/Adi, Kalyani/Adi, Ragamalika/Misram,

Kauthuvams on Ganesh, Muruga, Vishnu, Natesa, Krishna, Andal, Kali,

Shabdams on Krishna, Muruga, Devi in Telugu and Tamil

Varnams like Ananda Bhairavi 

Thillana's in Poornachandrika, Behag, Kamas, Kedaram,

Padam/Keerthana/Bhajana/Abhanga/Astapadi by revered composers such as Saint Purandaradasa, Tyagaraga, Kshetrajna, Jayadeva, Meerabai, Andal, Tanjore Quartette, Guru Swami Dayaananda Saraswati, Puchi Srinivas Iyengar, Papanasam Sivan, Subramanya Bharatiyar, and more.

Solo Thematic Presentations on Devi in Tamizh, on Lord Krishna in Marathi & Gujarathi as well as Madhwa viewpoint in Kannada. ( a complete songs list (link) under construction )

"We have been at Kalaikoil for..." Please see YELP for reviews.